Artisan Concrete/Specialty Finishes/Custom Fabrication

We are currently working on a new site and this intro/placeholder page is just a brief look into our offerings.
Showroom and internet sale site are also on the way.

Although we excel in working with very specialized materials and proceses
the large part of what we do is custom concrete fabrication.
Light weight, strong and versatile. We can create anything from counter tops, tiles,
large wall panes and 3 dimensional items.



Specialty spray finishes.
Automotive Finishes.
Composite metal coatings.
Artisan plasters; Italian, Domestic, Japanese and Cotton.
Concrete Veneers.
Spray Chrome.
Antique Mirror.
High end residential and commercial painting.


Concrete fabrication; Tiles, wall panels, countertops and furniture.
FMG/GFRG, acrylic and custom casting.
Metal casting.
Welding and woodwork.
Lifestyle pieces.

We ship anywhere in the US.


Becides our wide range of inhouse offerings we are also in the process of putting together a power house of talent to work with our clients.
In our network we plan on having one each; General Contractor, Architect, Designer, Digital Rendering, Artisans of Different Trades and more.


We have been applying finishes and doing custom design fabrication for well over 25 years. We are now putting it all
together in one convenient place, think of it as your own personal design showcase. Unlike other contractors
looking at other artisans as the ones to work against we are collaborating with the best of the best and hi-lighting
their talents as well.

John Bass